established in 2016

Our story.

Since  just little boys we played in the dirt. Our mother & father had moved us to Vernon in 1995 on a few acre plot and from that day forward we had our hands dirty.  From helping mom plant the seeds to getting manure at the farm with dad we worked like dirty shirts. Growing up with horticulture all around us it was never anything new. With extensive knowledge in all landscaping and horticulture aspects, we strive while our flowers thrive, everything blossoming overtime. We knew what hard work was and we had quite the knack for it. Tired of working 9-5 jobs and wanted to do something he loved, he saved up all his money over a couple years and here we are today, building daydreams. We may work more than 9-5 now but it is doing something we are absolutely passionate about. Two brothers trying to make a difference.

We look forward to building your dreams.